How to Watch New York Yankees Games Live in 2023

New York Yankees Games The 2023 season is almost here. Here’s how to watch the New York Yankees with a streaming service

How to Watch New York Yankees Games Live

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New York Yankees Games

The chart below shows how to stream YES Network, along with ESPN, FOX, FS1, and TBS for nationally televised games. 

What channel is the Yankee game on tonight? How to watch Yankees vs. Mariners

It’s been a rough stretch for the Yankees since losing their captain Aaron Judge on June 3 in Los Angeles against the Dodgers.

The Yankees returned home with back-to-back series against American League West opponents, starting with the Seattle Mariners matchup already underway, and followed by a three-game set against the division-leading Texas Rangers.

For Wednesday’s 7:05 p.m. Yankees-Mariners matchup, the game will stream on Amazon Prime Video, beginning with a pregame show at 6:30 p.m

This is one of 20 Yankees games streaming on the platform during the 2023 regular season. YES Network’s broadcast team is producing 30-minute pregame shows, with Michael Kay calling the games flanked alongside David Cone, Paul O’Neill, John Flaherty and Jeff Nelson.

According to Amazon, the games will be available for replay on Prime Video for 48 hours following their conclusion. Prime Video’s live Yankees games will be available to MLB.TV subscribers outside the Yankees’ home-team footprint of New York, Connecticut, north and central New Jersey and Northeast Pennsylvania.

Remaining Yankees games streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Mar 30, 2023vsteam logoSan FranciscoW 5-01-0G. Cole(1-0)L. Webb(0-1)
Apr 1, 2023vsteam logoSan FranciscoL 7-51-1J. Junis(1-0)M. King(0-1)C. Doval(1)
Apr 2, 2023vsteam logoSan FranciscoW 6-02-1J. Brito(1-0)R. Stripling(0-1)
Apr 3, 2023vsteam logoPhiladelphiaW 8-13-1N. Cortes(1-0)T. Walker(0-1)
Apr 4, 2023vsteam logoPhiladelphiaL 4-13-2A. Bellatti(1-0)D. German(0-1)
Apr 5, 2023vsteam logoPhiladelphiaW 4-24-2G. Cole(2-0)A. Nola(0-1)C. Holmes(1)
Apr 6, 2023@team logoBaltimorePostponed
Apr 7, 2023@team logoBaltimoreL 7-64-3C. Perez(1-0)R. Marinaccio(0-1)F. Bautista(3)
Apr 8, 2023@team logoBaltimoreW 4-15-3J. Brito(2-0)C. Irvin(0-2)C. Holmes(2)
Apr 9, 2023@team logoBaltimoreW 5-36-3N. Cortes(2-0)T. Wells(0-1)C. Holmes(3)
Apr 10, 2023@team logoClevelandL 3-26-4S. Bieber(1-0)I. Hamilton(0-1)E. Clase(3)
Apr 11, 2023@team logoClevelandW 11-27-4G. Cole(3-0)H. Gaddis(0-1)
Apr 12, 2023@team logoClevelandW 4-38-4W. Peralta(1-0)E. Clase(1-1)C. Holmes(4)
Apr 13, 2023vsteam logoMinnesotaL 11-28-5J. Ryan(3-0)J. Brito(2-1)
Apr 14, 2023vsteam logoMinnesotaL 4-38-6E. Pagan(1-0)C. Holmes(0-1)J. Duran(4)
Apr 15, 2023vsteam logoMinnesotaW 6-19-6D. German(1-1)T. Mahle(1-2)
Apr 16, 2023vsteam logoMinnesotaW 2-010-6G. Cole(4-0)P. Lopez(1-1)
Apr 18, 2023vsteam logoL.A. AngelsL 5-210-7A. Wantz(1-0)C. Schmidt(0-1)J. Quijada(3)
Apr 19, 2023vsteam logoL.A. AngelsW 3-2 / 1011-7I. Hamilton(1-1)M. Moore(1-1)
Apr 20, 2023vsteam logoL.A. AngelsW 9-312-7N. Cortes(3-0)P. Sandoval(1-1)
Apr 21, 2023vsteam logoTorontoL 6-112-8Y. Kikuchi(3-0)D. German(1-2)
Apr 22, 2023vsteam logoTorontoW 3-213-8J. Cordero(1-0)J. Romano(2-1)
Apr 23, 2023vsteam logoTorontoL 5-113-9K. Gausman(2-2)C. Schmidt(0-2)
Apr 24, 2023@team logoMinnesotaL 6-113-10S. Gray(3-0)J. Brito(2-2)
Apr 25, 2023@team logoMinnesotaL 6-213-11J. Ryan(5-0)N. Cortes(3-1)
Apr 26, 2023@team logoMinnesotaW 12-614-11D. German(2-2)K. Maeda(0-4)
Apr 27, 2023@team logoTexasW 4-215-11G. Cole(5-0)A. Heaney(2-2)M. King(1)
Apr 28, 2023@team logoTexasL 5-215-12D. Dunning(2-0)C. Schmidt(0-3)W. Smith(3)
Apr 29, 2023@team logoTexasL 2-015-13N. Eovaldi(3-2)J. Brito(2-3)
Apr 30, 2023@team logoTexasL 15-215-14M. Perez(4-1)N. Cortes(3-2)
May 1, 2023vsteam logoClevelandL 3-215-15E. De Los Santos(2-0)C. Holmes(0-2)E. Clase(10)
May 2, 2023vsteam logoClevelandW 4-216-15W. Peralta(2-0)J. Karinchak(0-4)M. King(2)
May 3, 2023vsteam logoClevelandW 4-3 / 1017-15A. Abreu(1-0)T. Stephan(1-1)
May 5, 2023@team logoTampa BayL 5-417-16K. Kelly(3-0)J. Cordero(1-1)J. Adam(3)
May 6, 2023@team logoTampa BayW 3-218-16R. Marinaccio(1-1)K. Kelly(3-1)I. Hamilton(1)
May 7, 2023@team logoTampa BayL 8-7 / 1018-17J. Beeks(1-2)A. Abreu(1-1)
May 8, 2023vsteam logoOaklandW 7-219-17R. Marinaccio(2-1)J. Sears(0-3)
May 9, 2023vsteam logoOaklandW 10-520-17C. Schmidt(1-3)D. Rucinski(0-3)
May 10, 2023vsteam logoOaklandW 11-321-17J. Cordero(2-1)K. Muller(1-3)D. Garcia(1)
May 11, 2023vsteam logoTampa BayL 8-221-18D. Rasmussen(4-2)D. German(2-3)
May 12, 2023vsteam logoTampa BayW 6-522-18C. Holmes(1-2)J. Adam(0-1)W. Peralta(1)
May 13, 2023vsteam logoTampa BayW 9-823-18J. Cordero(3-1)R. Thompson(1-1)W. Peralta(2)
May 14, 2023vsteam logoTampa BayL 8-723-19Z. Eflin(5-1)C. Schmidt(1-4)J. Adam(5)
May 15, 2023@team logoTorontoW 7-424-19J. Brito(3-3)A. Manoah(1-4)M. King(3)
May 16, 2023@team logoTorontoW 6-325-19R. Weber(1-0)E. Swanson(2-2)W. Peralta(3)
May 17, 2023@team logoTorontoL 3-0 / 1025-20J. Romano(3-2)W. Peralta(2-1)
May 18, 2023@team logoTorontoW 4-226-20N. Cortes(4-2)J. Berrios(3-4)R. Marinaccio(1)
May 19, 2023@team logoCincinnatiW 6-227-20C. Schmidt(2-4)B. Lively(1-2)
May 20, 2023@team logoCincinnatiW 7-4 / 1028-20C. Holmes(2-2)I. Gibaut(3-1)R. Weber(1)
May 21, 2023@team logoCincinnatiW 4-129-20A. Abreu(2-1)H. Greene(0-4)C. Holmes(5)
May 23, 2023vsteam logoBaltimoreW 6-5 / 1030-20M. King(1-1)B. Baker(3-2)
May 24, 2023vsteam logoBaltimoreL 9-630-21M. Baumann(4-0)J. Cordero(3-2)F. Bautista(12)
May 25, 2023vsteam logoBaltimoreL 3-130-22K. Gibson(6-3)C. Schmidt(2-5)Y. Cano(4)
May 26, 2023vsteam logoSan DiegoL 5-130-23J. Musgrove(2-2)R. Vasquez(0-1)
May 27, 2023vsteam logoSan DiegoW 3-2 / 1031-23C. Holmes(3-2)N. Martinez(2-2)
May 28, 2023vsteam logoSan DiegoW 10-732-23G. Cole(6-0)Y. Darvish(3-4)
May 29, 2023@team logoSeattleW 10-433-23D. German(3-3)B. Miller(3-2)
May 30, 2023@team logoSeattleW 10-234-23N. Cortes(5-2)L. Gilbert(3-3)
May 31, 2023@team logoSeattleL 1-0 / 1034-24J. Topa(1-2)R. Marinaccio(2-2)
Jun 2, 2023@team logoL.A. DodgersL 8-434-25C. Kershaw(7-4)L. Severino(0-1)
Jun 3, 2023@team logoL.A. DodgersW 6-335-25G. Cole(7-0)M. Grove(0-2)C. Holmes(6)
Jun 4, 2023@team logoL.A. DodgersW 4-136-25C. Holmes(4-2)E. Phillips(1-1)W. Peralta(4)
Jun 6, 2023vsteam logoChi. White SoxL 3-236-26L. Giolito(5-4)C. Schmidt(2-6)L. Hendriks(1)
Jun 7, 2023vsteam logoChi. White SoxPostponed
Jun 8, 2023vsteam logoChi. White SoxL 6-536-27G. Santos(2-0)M. King(1-2)K. Graveman(6)
Jun 9, 2023vsteam logoBostonL 3-236-28G. Whitlock(3-2)G. Cole(7-1)K. Jansen(14)
Jun 10, 2023vsteam logoBostonW 3-137-28D. German(4-3)T. Houck(3-6)C. Holmes(8)
Jun 11, 2023vsteam logoBostonL 3-2 / 1037-29K. Jansen(2-3)R. Marinaccio(2-3)C. Martin(1)
Jun 13, 2023@team logoN.Y. MetsW 7-638-29R. Marinaccio(3-3)J. Walker(0-1)M. King(4)
Jun 14, 2023@team logoN.Y. MetsL 4-3 / 1038-30D. Leone(1-2)A. Abreu(2-2)
Jun 16, 2023@team logoBostonL 15-538-31J. Jacques(1-0)D. German(4-4)
Jun 17, 2023@team logoBostonPostponed
Jun 18, 2023@team logoBostonL 6-238-32N. Pivetta(4-4)M. King(1-3)
Jun 18, 2023@team logoBostonL 4-138-33B. Bello(4-4)L. Severino(0-2)K. Jansen(15)
Jun 20, 2023vsteam logoSeattleW 3-139-33G. Cole(8-1)G. Kirby(6-6)C. Holmes(9)
Jun 21, 2023vsteam logoSeattleW 4-240-33J. Brito(4-3)L. Castillo(4-6)T. Kahnle(1)
Jun 22, 2023vsteam logoSeattleL 10-240-34B. Woo(1-1)D. German(4-5)
Jun 23, 2023vsteam logoTexasL 4-2 / 1040-35J. Barlow(1-0)M. King(1-4)W. Smith(14)
Jun 24, 2023vsteam logoTexasW 1-041-35L. Severino(1-2)J. Gray(6-3)R. Marinaccio(2)
Jun 25, 2023vsteam logoTexasW 5-342-35R. Marinaccio(4-3)J. King(1-1)M. King(5)
Jun 27, 2023@team logoOaklandL 2-142-36P. Blackburn(1-0)J. Brito(4-4)S. Moll(1)
Jun 28, 2023@team logoOaklandW 11-043-36D. German(5-5)J. Sears(1-6)
Jun 29, 2023@team logoOakland3:37 pmMLBNOakland-Alameda County ColiseumH. Harris(2-1, 4.91 ERA)C. Schmidt(2-6, 4.32 ERA)Tickets Starting at $17.00
Jun 30, 2023@team logoSt. Louis8:15 pmAMZPBusch StadiumM. Liberatore(1-2, 5.60 ERA)L. Severino(1-2, 5.25 ERA)Tickets Starting at $12.00
Jul 1, 2023@team logoSt. Louis2:15 pmFS1Busch StadiumJ. Flaherty(4-5, 4.95 ERA)G. Cole(8-1, 2.78 ERA)Tickets Starting at $21.00
Jul 2, 2023@team logoSt. Louis2:15 pmBusch StadiumJ. Montgomery(5-7, 3.52 ERA)N. Ramirez(0-0, 1.53 ERA)Tickets Starting at $9.22
Jul 3, 2023vsteam logoBaltimore7:05 pmYankee StadiumD. German(5-5, 4.54 ERA)T. Wells(6-4, 3.21 ERA)Tickets Starting at $32.97
Jul 4, 2023vsteam logoBaltimore1:05 pmMLBNYankee StadiumC. Schmidt(2-6, 4.32 ERA)K. Gibson(8-5, 4.66 ERA)Tickets Starting at $10.99
Jul 5, 2023vsteam logoBaltimore7:05 pmAMZPYankee StadiumC. Rodon(-, 0.00 ERA)D. Kremer(8-3, 4.50 ERA)Tickets Starting at $6.00
Jul 6, 2023vsteam logoBaltimore7:05 pmYankee StadiumL. Severino(1-2, 5.25 ERA)K. Bradish(4-3, 3.75 ERA)Tickets Starting at $9.00
Jul 7, 2023vsteam logoChi. Cubs7:05 pmYankee StadiumG. Cole(8-1, 2.78 ERA)J. Taillon(2-6, 6.90 ERA)Tickets Starting at $22.00
Jul 8, 2023vsteam logoChi. Cubs1:05 pmAMZPYankee StadiumD. German(5-5, 4.54 ERA)D. Smyly(7-5, 3.96 ERA)
Jul 9, 2023vsteam logoChi. Cubs1:35 pmYankee StadiumC. Schmidt(2-6, 4.32 ERA)K. Hendricks(3-2, 2.60 ERA)
Jul 14, 2023@team logoColorado8:40 pmCoors Field
Jul 15, 2023@team logoColorado8:10 pmCoors Field
Jul 16, 2023@team logoColorado3:10 pmCoors Field
Jul 17, 2023@team logoL.A. Angels9:38 pmAngel Stadium of Anaheim
Jul 18, 2023@team logoL.A. Angels9:38 pmAngel Stadium of Anaheim
Jul 19, 2023@team logoL.A. Angels7:07 pmAMZPAngel Stadium of Anaheim
Jul 21, 2023vsteam logoKansas City7:05 pmYankee Stadium
Jul 22, 2023vsteam logoKansas City1:05 pmYankee Stadium
Jul 23, 2023vsteam logoKansas City1:35 pmYankee Stadium
Jul 25, 2023vsteam logoN.Y. Mets7:05 pmTBSYankee Stadium
Jul 26, 2023vsteam logoN.Y. Mets7:05 pmESP+Yankee Stadium
Jul 28, 2023@team logoBaltimore7:05 pmOriole Park at Camden Yards
Jul 29, 2023@team logoBaltimore7:15 pmFOXOriole Park at Camden Yards
Jul 30, 2023@team logoBaltimore1:35 pmOriole Park at Camden Yards
Jul 31, 2023vsteam logoTampa Bay7:05 pmYankee Stadium
Aug 1, 2023vsteam logoTampa Bay7:05 pmYankee Stadium
Aug 2, 2023vsteam logoTampa Bay7:05 pmAMZPYankee Stadium
Aug 3, 2023vsteam logoHouston7:15 pmFOXYankee Stadium
Aug 4, 2023vsteam logoHouston7:05 pmAMZPYankee Stadium
Aug 5, 2023vsteam logoHouston1:05 pmYankee Stadium
Aug 6, 2023vsteam logoHouston1:35 pmYankee Stadium
Aug 7, 2023@team logoChi. White Sox8:10 pmGuaranteed Rate Field
Aug 8, 2023@team logoChi. White Sox8:10 pmGuaranteed Rate Field
Aug 9, 2023@team logoChi. White Sox8:10 pmGuaranteed Rate Field
Aug 11, 2023@team logoMiami6:40 pmloanDepot park
Aug 12, 2023@team logoMiami4:10 pmloanDepot park
Aug 13, 2023@team logoMiami1:40 pmloanDepot park
Aug 14, 2023@team logoAtlanta7:20 pmTruist Park
Aug 15, 2023@team logoAtlanta7:20 pmTruist Park
Aug 16, 2023@team logoAtlanta7:20 pmAMZPTruist Park
Aug 18, 2023vsteam logoBoston7:05 pmAMZPYankee Stadium
Aug 19, 2023vsteam logoBoston1:05 pmFS1Yankee Stadium
Aug 20, 2023vsteam logoBoston1:35 pmAMZPYankee Stadium
Aug 22, 2023vsteam logoWashington7:05 pmYankee Stadium
Aug 23, 2023vsteam logoWashington7:05 pmYankee Stadium
Aug 24, 2023vsteam logoWashington1:05 pmYankee Stadium
Aug 25, 2023@team logoTampa Bay6:40 pmTropicana Field
Aug 26, 2023@team logoTampa Bay4:10 pmTropicana Field
Aug 27, 2023@team logoTampa Bay1:40 pmTropicana Field
Aug 28, 2023@team logoDetroit6:40 pmComerica Park
Aug 29, 2023@team logoDetroit6:40 pmComerica Park
Aug 30, 2023@team logoDetroit6:40 pmComerica Park
Aug 31, 2023@team logoDetroit1:10 pmComerica Park
Sep 1, 2023@team logoHouston8:10 pmAMZPMinute Maid Park
Sep 2, 2023@team logoHouston7:10 pmMinute Maid Park
Sep 3, 2023@team logoHouston7:10 pmESPNMinute Maid Park
Sep 5, 2023vsteam logoDetroit7:05 pmYankee Stadium
Sep 6, 2023vsteam logoDetroit7:05 pmYankee Stadium
Sep 7, 2023vsteam logoDetroit7:05 pmYankee Stadium
Sep 8, 2023vsteam logoMilwaukee7:05 pmYankee Stadium
Sep 9, 2023vsteam logoMilwaukee2:05 pmYankee Stadium
Sep 10, 2023vsteam logoMilwaukee1:35 pmYankee Stadium
Sep 11, 2023@team logoBoston7:10 pmAMZPFenway Park
Sep 12, 2023@team logoBoston7:10 pmFenway Park
Sep 13, 2023@team logoBoston7:10 pmAMZPFenway Park
Sep 14, 2023@team logoBoston7:15 pmFOXFenway Park
Sep 15, 2023@team logoPittsburgh6:35 pmPNC Park
Sep 16, 2023@team logoPittsburgh6:35 pmPNC Park
Sep 17, 2023@team logoPittsburgh1:35 pmPNC Park
Sep 19, 2023vsteam logoToronto7:05 pmYankee Stadium
Sep 20, 2023vsteam logoToronto7:05 pmAMZPYankee Stadium
Sep 21, 2023vsteam logoToronto7:05 pmYankee Stadium
Sep 22, 2023vsteam logoArizona7:05 pmYankee Stadium
Sep 23, 2023vsteam logoArizona1:05 pmYankee Stadium
Sep 24, 2023vsteam logoArizona1:35 pmYankee Stadium
Sep 26, 2023@team logoToronto7:07 pmRogers Centre
Sep 27, 2023@team logoToronto7:07 pmAMZPRogers Centre
Sep 28, 2023@team logoToronto7:07 pmRogers Centre
Sep 29, 2023@team logoKansas City8:10 pmEwing M. Kauffman Stadium
Sep 30, 2023@team logoKansas City7:10 pmEwing M. Kauffman Stadium
Oct 1, 2023@team logoKansas City3:10 pmEwing M. Kauffman Stadium

How to Stream New York Yankees Channels

DIRECTV STREAMFuboHulu + Live TVSling TVYouTube TV
YES Network
FOX Sports 1

Watch the New York Yankees on DIRECTV STREAM

DIRECTV STREAM includes Fox, FS1, and ESPN with its Entertainment plan for $75. To watch the New York Yankees with YES Network with DIRECTV STREAM, you’ll need to upgrade to the Choice package for $100 per month.

The DIRECTV STREAM Choice package includes over 90 channels in its lineup. Sports fans will have access to TNT, TBS, USA, ESPN, Golf Channel, NBA TV, MLB Network, and more. A subscription includes unlimited DVR storage and subscribers can watch on an unlimited number of screens. DIRECTV STREAM has a 5 day free trial.

Watch the New York Yankees on Fubo

You can watch New York Yankees games on Fox, FS1, and ESPN with the Pro plan for $75 per month on Fubo.

With Fubo, a sports-focused streaming service, you’ll also get ESPN, NFL Network, MLB Network, Fox Soccer Plus, Fight Network and more. Fubo also has a Sports Plus add-on for $10.99 per month, which includes MLB TV for out-of-market games. A subscription includes 1000 hours of DVR storage and viewing on unlimited screens. Fubo has a 7 day free trial.

Watch the New York Yankees on Hulu + Live TV

On Hulu + Live TV, you can watch New York Yankees games on Fox, FS1, TBS, and ESPN for $70 per month with the base plan. 

Hulu + Live TV has over 75 channels in its lineup. Sports fans will find NFL Network, Big Ten Network, TBS, TNT, and more. There’s also an option to get even more channels with the sports add-on for $9.99 per month. Hulu + Live has unlimited DVR storage and allows users to watch on 2 screens simultaneously. 

Subscribe to Hulu + Live TV

Watch the New York Yankees on Sling TV

With Sling TV, you’ll be able to watch nationally televised New York Yankees games on ESPN with a Sling Orange subscription and on FS1 with a Sling Blue subscription. Combine the two with a Sling Orange + Sling Blue subscription for $55 per month

A Sling Orange + Sling Blue subscription gives you access to 50 channels, including NFL Network, Stadium, TNT, and more. Subscribers can also add MLB Network with Sling’s Sports Extra add-on for $11 per month. Sling comes with 50 hours of DVR storage and with Sling Orange + Sling Blue, you’ll be able to watch on u to 4 screens simultaneously. 

Subscribe to Sling TV

Watch the New York Yankees on YouTube TV

On YouTube TV, you can watch New York Yankees games on Fox, FS1, TBS, and ESPN for $73 per month with the base plan. 

YouTube TV has over 85 channels in its lineup, including MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, SEC Network, and more. YouTube TV also has a sports add-on package for $10.99 per month. A subscription includes unlimited DVR storage and users can stream on up to 3 devices simultaneously.

Subscribe to YouTube TV

How to Watch New York Yankees Games Out-of-Market

If you’re outside of the Yankees TV market, you’ll still be able to watch games. With an MLB.TV subscription, you’ll get access to out-of-market live broadcasts of MLB games that aren’t subject to a regional or national blackout. You can subscribe directly through MLB.TV or with Amazon Prime Video Channels. 

While some streamers use a VPN to watch channels that aren’t available in their area, changing your location to access content may violate the terms of service for the streaming service you’re using. Be sure to check the service’s website for more information.

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